Karnavati Groups is a versatile industry providing a full scope of general and specialized services provided by highly skilled and experienced staff. We incorporated multiple I.S.O qualified procedures, always adhering to the strictest fabrication guidelines and safety measures that meet the industry’s highest standards.

Besides the expert’s structural steel fabrication and erection services we offer a multitude of additional services such as design, build projects, pre-engineered structures, custom structural fabrications, anchor pilling, facade, launching girder and miscellaneous fabricating and more.

The process of steel fabrication involves purchase material, cutting, fitting, welding, punching and other general crafting methods using various high-quality tools and CNC equipment. The entire steel fabrication process is systematic and requires the utmost planning, precision, and knowledge.

We have a state-of-the-art facility to meet the complex and challenging industry, one that often requires innovative thinking and a flexible approach to deliver successful outcomes.

Our goal is to continue the development of our long-term relationships by delivering quality workmanship, efficient production at a competitive cost while making customer satisfaction our top priority.

Our Facilities

We have a factory located in Ahmedabad with a working area of 8000 sqm and the monthly minimum production capacity is approx. 225 MT to 300 MT depends on the job and in any case, if required we can increase our production up to 450 MT. Furthermore, the factory is equipped with various key equipment to meet the completion of fabrication requirements.

Design Assist

Karnavati Groups also have the capabilities to perform Design Assist services for our valued customers to help enhance the design of a project.


Its key turner, since knowing the overall cost from the start of the project to finish helps the clients to plan ahead and assess the project’s feasibility.

Value Analysis

Karnavati groups rigorously review projects for cost and time savings, as it evaluates alternate materials, methods, and techniques of build to offer cost-effective options without compromising the overall project.

Logistic Planning

We plan ahead for resource staging, construction sequencing, and the efficient movement of the equipment and materials to ensure that a project is safe and on schedule. Contingency plans help in the case of disruptions.


Karnavati groups offer detailed schedules complete with activity breakouts and specific durations.

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.